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Local Students Win Emmy Award

The "Diaries of High Point" video is available at Delridge, Southwest and West Seattle Branches of the Seattle Public Library.

"The students who worked on the documentary did everything, including writing the questions, choosing the music to accompany the film, creating graphics and filming the interviews," said Gary.

You might expect the extraordinary students in Gary Thomsen’s Sports Marketing Program at Chief Sealth High School to take home top grades — but Emmy Awards? That’s exactly what happened when students researched, directed, and produced “Diaries of High Point: Making of a Community,” the second installment of a three-part project of their production company, Creek Productions.

Diaries of High Point: Making of a Community

The first two films in the series transport the viewer back to the early development of the High Point neighborhood and then explore the initial planning stages for the transformation of the community. The third and final installment is currently being filmed, and will be unveiled when High Point is complete.

Amanda Zahler and Aaron Granillo, two juniors in the Sports Marketing Program, are the producers of the third documentary. Both chose the program because of their future career goals. While Amanda looks forward to pursuing a career in marketing and public relations, Aaron would like to step out from behind the camera and become a sports anchor.

“My experience as a cameraman and producer will enhance my reporting skills, because I’ll be able to suggest and set up camera shots” said Aaron. “Mr. Thomsen has allowed me to host several other projects so I can get a feel of being in front of a camera.”

Both have worked on similar projects in various capacities. As producers, Amanda explained, “Our job is to make sure that deadlines are being met and assignments are being completed. It’s a lot of work, but when you see the end result, it’s worth it.”