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High Point, Then and Now

In 2001, a vision began to emerge of High Point as a mixed-income, mixed-ethnicity community, with new streets, parks and amenities knitted more closely into the fabric of West Seattle. A community planning process engaged residents and neighbors in a process of fleshing out this vision. In 2004, with special Title VI funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, construction began on what you can now see as one of Seattle’s (and the nation’s) most successful urban renewal efforts. A community rich with diversity, amenities and a commitment to a healthy, sustainable and neighborly lifestyle. LEARN MORE

High Point Then

For over 60 years, the High Point neighborhood served thousands of Seattle families, from wartime workers in the 1940s to recent times serving low income populations wanting to get a fresh start.

High Point Now

High Point’s walkable tree lined streets and front porch architecture invite an active lifestyle and foster connections between neighbors in the new, award-winning, mixed-income community.