Thousands attend the first weekend of Seattle’s Green Living EXPO

A lot of information changed hands during the first weekend of EXPO. It’s obvious that a large portion of the population is open to “Consider Green.” In fact, people came hungry for more than organic donuts from Mighty O. They came hungry for knowledge about new homes built to new standards of comfort and energy efficiency.

Overhead on the first weekend:

  • “I didn’t even know High Point existed. I’ve never considered West Seattle before. I like it!”
  • “Did you see those views of the skyline? Wow!”
  • “These homes are beautiful. I can’t believe something this affordable is so close to downtown.”
  • “I grew up around here. This is NOTHING like I remember!”
  • “Everyone is so helpful and willing to answer all my questions. I’m learning a lot about why you’d want a home that has green features.”
  • “Green is the new black!”

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